UANYC Participates in Hands on New York Day 2010


April 27, 2010

UANYC members teammed with fellow SEC alumni to participate in the 2010 Hands on New York Day initiative on April 24 at Cunningham Park in Queens.

The SEC team woke up bright and early to give back to the Greater New York community by helping to clean up Cunningham Park as a part of 5,000 volunteers spread out all across the city who took advantage of the beautiful weather and worked towards a great cause. The 2010 campaign revitalized 69 public spaces and improved the quality of life for millions of New York area residents this spring and summer.

"I am not awake by 8:30 on most Saturday mornings, and definitely never on a school bus to a park in Queens, regardless of the hour. But by waking early and venturing out of Manhattan on this beautiful spring day, I gained several new friends and lots of laughs. Our project of refurbishing picnic tables in Cunningham Park with a fresh coat of paint was more fun than it was a chore.  Volunteering with the SEC alumni for Hands on New York Day was a refreshing way to get to know fellow southerners in a setting other than a city bar," said Rebecca Mummert, UANYC Membership Chair and 2003 graduate.