NYC Gamecocks' Third Annual "Be Cocky" Beer Pong Tournament

Get cocky and get ready to play some beer pong with the New York City Gamecocks!

Hosted by the New York City Gamecocks

The New York City Gamecocks are hosting its Third Annual  "Be Cocky"  Beer Pong Tournament featuring beach/dance music all night at The Mason Jar.

The event will be a 32-team, single-elimination tournament played with 10 cups per table on six tables operating simultaneously.

Entry fee is $40 per team (beer included).

The winning team will win a trip to a Southeastern Conference home football game of its choice (value of trip not to exceed $800.00)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


6 to 11 p.m.

Mason Jar NYC

43 East 30th Street between Park and Madison Avenues
New York, NY 10016
(212) 213-3587

Drink Speicals:

$3 Bud drafts
$3 Bud Light drafts
$5 Well liquor drinks

Official Rules:

Ten cups arranged in a triangular fashion.  One re-rack per team anytime during the game, but not in the middle of a turn.

First toss is decided by Sudden Death: Rock, Paper, Scissors (1, 2, 3 shoot).

All games, except the Final Four and Championship games, are limited to 20 minute competitions.  Game proctors are keeping time and will announce time remaining at ten, five, two and one minute intervals.  With five minutes remaining, all but three cups will be removed from each team.  Play will resume as normal.

If players are tied at the end of regulation (20 minutes), teams will enter into Sudden Death.  Sudden Death is played by placing all ten cups back onto the table.  Each of the four playes at the table will take turns having one shot to make as many cups as possible.  Each made cup will return your ball.  The team who makes the most cups, wins!  If both teams make the same number of cups, each of the four player will take turns shooting until one team makes more cups than the other team. 

Players must keep their elbows behind the edge of the table.

There are no rollbacks!

Team players may bounce the ball into their opponent's cup, resulting in drinking two cups -- the made cup and a cup of the drinking team's choice.

Balls may be grabbed/swatted/deflected once they hit the table or a player's cup.

No blowing or fingering balls out of the inside of a cup.

Cups knocked over by the ball or by a player's hand are no longer in play and count as a made cup.

Redemption: Once a team has made all of their opponenet's cups, each player from the opposing team has a shot at redemption.  Each player from the team whose last cup was made, attempts to shoot and make all remaining cups.  When a cup is made, the ball is rolled back to the shooter and that cup is moved to the side from play.  Once a player misses, they pass the ball to their teammate who attempts to finish off the remaining cups.  If all cups are made, redemption has been granted and each team returns to three cups set in a triangular formation.  NOTE: If a team is down to one or two cups and both players make one or two cups, the opposing team does not get a chance for redemption.

Any other questions or rule discrepancies will be left up to the sole discretion of the game proctors..