UANYC Seeks Nomination for Chapter Leadership Positions


UANYC Seeks Nominations for Chapter Leadership Positions
The Greater New York Chapter is seeking individuals interested in serving in leadership positions beginning with the 2020-21 administrative year. 

A candidate must:
• Be a current member of the University of Alabama’s National Alumni Association.
• Be a current member of the Greater New York Chapter.
• Be available to attend a minimum of two (2) in-person, Executive Committee meetings per year.
• Maintain conduct that does not harm the good name and reputation of the University of Alabama and/or the Greater New York Chapter.

To express interest in a position, please send an e-mail to with the following information:
• Name
• E-Mail Address
• Cell Phone Number
• Graduation Year(s) and Degree(s)
• Position(s) of Interest
• A short statement expressing interest in the position(s) indicated

Nominations are due by FRIDAY, September 18.

Once the nominations are confirmed, the chapter’s current leadership team will conduct a secured vote on the slate of candidates. 


Game Watch Chairs (2 positions)
• Able to attend game watch events and be responsible for the planning, logistics and setup of games watch parties for all football games and other games, as needed, for the chapter.

• Work closely with other chapter officers and the event venue to ensure proper logistics planning, setup, and attendance for game watch events that you are unable to attend.

• Engage in outreach to UANYC family and friends to drive awareness and attendance for game watch events.

Community Service Chair
• Responsible for coordinating outreach, civic engagement and volunteer opportunities for the chapter.
• Commit to fully execute two (2) events -- one in the winter/spring and one in the summer/fall -- per year, working closely with other chapter officers, with the goal of engaging chapter members in community service initiatives.


Other positions are being discussed among the active leadership team. If you have a skillset that you feel could be beneficial to the chapter, please send us an email telling us a little more about yourself. 


We would also like to mention that, given the current environment, we will be switching things up a bit this year and moving our game watch parties to the Ainsworth in East Village. This venue can fit > 100 seated outside and will be reserved for active members. Speakers, TVs, tables and heaters will all be centrally located for use starting 9/26. 


More to come in due course but please let us know if you have any questions.